Personality  My day today so I know I  should be happy because I get up in  the morning unsurprisingly enough and then  I do my exercise during the day and obviously his is all followed with  a fantastic coffee, and a piece of cake in  one of the numerous cafes that exist  in faifornia but such is the regularity of  my day that I am just getting  bored of my life because I want to have a purpose where I am  helping people and working in  a  team where i  I am using my dam bowl of porridge , for something remotely useful  and for what it is  supposed to  be  used for as opposed to just sitting round taking the piss out of my desperately homosexual Scarers   there is Mr dover also known  as ben and I will leave you to work out why I call  ben Mr. Dover

sure   i must be the fittest cripple in the cripple  in the park and I am  repeatedly told  that  I need  to stop calling myself a cripple  but like most Australians   I call a spade a spade  and if something   is not working 100%  then it is buggered or worse and given the myriad of issues i  have been left with  I still must be just that  and this gets me  to my next interesting point which is all relative I can hear you say because by saying next i am  making the massive assumption that there was a  single point in the last  diatribe that was at least interesting assuming  you have not exsanguinated from your wrist slitting   yet or are still awake; so to get to my point I do find it interesting that although  I am superficially enjoying myself at  the ,moment

but it is only  superficial because I do not have an overarching role at the moment  other than trying to find  job:  I need a sense of purpose; where I am doing something useful for other people  and  it is this  need of  a  role  that  is the    strongest in  my personality  and our personality is a combination of parts  that are  external to us and others are internal   the external are factors , where someone else is giving you a sense of achieving something ( akin to  getting a medal in a sport  but the internal factors are those feelings one gets when one has run a very good race and  one knows that there  was nothing else that one could have done )  and to put this in a    non-sporting  context such as helping someone  and they give you some gratitude and the internal parts are the pleasure one gets from  completing a the task well  and I do think that I need to  be able to  do again because otherwise I feel I  have been  effectively  salvaged  for    essentially  nothing

–  here  i feel I must put in a plug for Aristotle and his philosophy of  virtue, which is still so very relevant  for  the 21st century  ; and with my  journey of hell i must thank my scarers who although i love to take the piss out of them i do actually clove them  but not in  a   way that they would wish me to

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