ruderless at sea

My god I feel so rudderless  out at sea on  an ocean  of self-doubt and uselessness and I do not   see what more I  can do to get a job ,  because I used to love my work it  had everything  I  could want from  work; where  I was providing a useful help to [people, who needed  my help and I  also had a degree of respect by the very nature of what I was doing  and it was intellectually  stimulating, and there was a   team whom I was  a  part of  like minded individuals whom you all worked together for   someone else; because  they needed your help  and most importantly it was intellectually rewarding and hard work because you came  home and felt tired by  your day , and lastly there was the teaching element  . and must  admit to finding it quite interesting that  for me i really need a job for any sense of self or of  self worth  but  it  is in a truly odd way where i am siting back observing dispassionately, assessing  the train wreck of me

6 thoughts on “ruderless at sea

      1. Hi mate, Sorry didn’t get back to you yesterday. Please call anytime today, tomorrow or Friday between 11:30am and 4:00pm (I work from home ). Feel free to switch to email for further corres.


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